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Am I a Candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

Weight loss is more complex than simply eating less and moving more. Losing a meaningful amount of weight and keeping it off requires more than willpower and counting calories. That’s why one-size-fits-all, self-directed diets often fall short of providing long-term weight loss. 

Many people who go it alone struggle to keep the weight off. If you’ve tried losing weight on your own without success, there is hope.

Board-certified internal medicine physician and weight-loss specialist Dr. Jonathan Leibowitz offers personalized, medically supervised programs proven to help you lose weight and maintain your new weight. Partnering with us is the first step to permanently slimming down and feeling good.

What medical weight loss entails

Our medically supervised weight-loss programs are implemented by a licensed medical professional. Your weight-loss team includes a physician and nurse. Other team members may include a dietitian, counselor, and fitness trainer.

Our programs are designed to support you on your weight-loss journey from start to finish. This means helping you identify and navigate potential barriers to success, helping you make permanent lifestyle changes, and providing education on healthy food choices.

Medical weight-loss programs are personalized to fit your individual needs, goals, and lifestyle so that you lose weight and improve your overall health.

The advantages of supervised weight-loss plans

There is no substitute for having a trained medical professional who specializes in weight loss overseeing your journey. The many benefits of medically supervised weight-loss programs include:

Proven strategies: Dr. Leibowitz uses strategies proven to help you lose weight quickly, and safely. There is no guesswork involved. These strategies are backed by science.  

Lifestyle change support: Slimming down is about more than watching the scale go down. Our programs give you the tools and support to implement permanent lifestyle changes so you can maintain your weight loss.

Guidance from a medical professional: Whether it’s ordering relevant blood tests or helping to manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes so that you can lose weight safely, the guidance of a medical professional is invaluable.

Good candidates for medical weight loss

People who choose medical weight loss typically lose more weight and keep it off longer than people who opt to go it alone. 

You’re an ideal candidate if you:

There is no time like the present to take the first step toward a healthier, slimmer you. To learn more about our medical weight-loss programs and to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Leibowitz, call our office in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City or book online. We offer in-office and telehealth appointments to suit your needs. 

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