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Let Us Help You Reach and Maintain Your Weight Loss Goals

For millions of Americans, losing weight and keeping it off for good can seem unattainable. Even if you’ve failed to reach yo

Weight loss is difficult when you go it alone. Without the proper knowledge, guidance, and support, the chances of losing weight and keeping it off are slim. But there is hope if you’re struggling with your weight. Medically-supervised weight-loss programs are proven safe and effective. Find out how these programs can help you lose weight quickly and safely, even if you’ve failed in the past.

Here at our integrative medicine clinic in the heart of New York City, double board-certified Jonathan Leibowitz, MD, uses his extensive experience to help patients optimize their health and well-being. Our medically-supervised weight-loss programs are evidence-based and designed to help patients reach and maintain a healthy weight. If you’re tired of DIY diets that fail to keep the weight off, one of our plans may be right for you.

Benefits of medically-supervised diets

Eliminating the guesswork with professional guidance and support is the key to successful long-term weight loss. Doctor-supervised weight-loss programs give you the right tools and structure to shed those extra pounds for good. You get professional support every step of the way. Accountability is a cornerstone of building healthy habits, and we’re here to be your personal cheerleader along the journey.

The bottom line: People who choose medical weight-loss programs lose more weight and keep it off longer compared to those who go it alone.

What do medically-supervised weight-loss programs involve?

At our clinic in Brooklyn, Dr. Leibowitz helps patients choose the most appropriate plan to match their lifestyle. The program we use is a supervised WFPBD.

A Whole Food Plant Based DIet helps patients who have a lot of weight to lose shed pounds quickly and safely. Here are some fast facts.

You get to eat 

A whole food plant based diet doesn't restrict how much and when you eat!  We just tweak what you eat.

Comprehensive patient education

Dr. Leibowitz provides nutrition counseling and monitors patients closely; he provides them with ongoing support and counseling. Patients are encouraged to continue support sessions after the initial and transitional phases to help maintain their weight loss.

Losing weight improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, improves blood sugar, however, one must be careful with how the weight is lost.  One can be thin but exceptionally unhealthy.  Doing it right can reduce your risk of dying from various diseases. Make your health and well-being your number one priority by reaching out to our clinic in Brooklyn, New York, to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Leibowitz. Take the first step in finally losing those extra pounds for good by calling 347-305-4645 today.

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